Service Contracts

To ensure reliable, efficient operation, the system requires some routine maintenance, such as calibration of the temperature and humidity sensors. Furthermore, to ensure the comfort of the building occupants, the facility may require occasional remote and onsite troubleshooting, some ongoing training, occasional repairs and assistance to ensure smooth seasonal changeovers. Let eccotrol provide you with a Service Contract to fit your needs:

Site Visits

Eccotrol will provide regularly scheduled visits per year. During these visits, eccotrol will perform services such as the following:

  • System Performance Review
  • System Adjustment and Repair
  • Operational Efficiency Review
  • Database Back-Up
  • Recommissioning
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • On-going Staff Training
  • Emergency Service
  • Account Management
  • Two Hour Response
  • Documentation of Service Provided
  • Preferred Customer Discounts
  • Phone Support
  • Remote System Access