Owner Security

With an integrated Card Access System, you have more control than simply handing out a key.

Access control systems allow authorized users in while keeping unauthorized people out. You can allow access to employees between specific times. Even allow access to cleaning people when scheduled.  Access control systems track who comes and goes and when. It allows you track time and attendance as well as location within a particular facility. Having the ability to immediately generate an activity report on employees “comings and goings” is a plus for any business.

Integrating your card access system with your building automation system delivers significant energy savings as well.  For example, the HVAC and lighting in an office can remain off until that employee enters the building, then be set back again when the employee leaves.  In a multi-tenant office building, tenants can be individually billed for after-hours usage.

If you are stuck with an old, proprietary card access system, or paying too much for poor service, eccotrol can help.  We can retrofit your card access system while reusing all your existing card readers and cards, with no interruption to your occupants or operations.  And, as with everything we do, you will never be stuck with a single source for service or system expansions.