Energy Efficiency

Ever increasing energy prices are stressing the budget of every company. In competitive industries, energy efficiency may even be the difference between a profitable venture and a money losing business. Consider two hotels next door to each other. Even with the same square footage and number of rooms, one hotel may have energy costs twice as high as the other. Obviously, the more efficient facility can afford to charge less for a room and still be profitable. Which do you want to be?

Put Our Experience To Work For You

Eccotrol works with building owners and Energy Services Companies (ESCOs) every day to develop innovative energy savings programs. In an average building, we can identify dozens of energy savings measures with favorable payback. We can develop investment grade audits to compare your building to local, regional and national peers. Working with our partners, we can implement these energy savings measures in a cost effective manner without disrupting your day-to-day operations. Plus, we’ll work with your local utilities and government agencies to identify and secure the maximum rebates to further improve the return on your investment.

Not Just Good for the Planet

It’s good for the bottom line. Of course you want to be a good corporate citizen and reduce your carbon footprint, but it has to make good financial sense, too. When you work with eccotrol, we’ll show you the return on your investment before you commit to a project, then you’ll realize the savings year after year. And every dollar you save in energy falls directly to your bottom line. If your net after tax profits are 10%, and you save $100,000 in energy, that’s like adding one million dollars in sales every year. Save the planet and improve your profitability. Now that’s a win-win!