Service First

Virtually every control manufacturer makes a good product. What really makes the difference between a “good” control company and a “bad” control company is service. That’s where eccotrol really shines.
Simply put, good service is delivered when and where its needed, as promised, for a reasonable price. As a company, eccotrol’s entire business model is designed to deliver great service. First, we gain a complete understanding of our customer’s needs and capabilities. Then we develop a custom program to meet that customers needs, incorporating just the right balance of training, on site support, remote support and emergency service.
The final and perhaps most important element of good service is meeting our commitments. Our customers know that when we commit to anything from a routine service visit to a critical deadline, eccotrol will deliver.

Rising to the Challenge

At eccotrol, we have never met a building challenge we could not solve. Can’t keep a space at a consistent temperature? We can Fix it. Poor indoor air quality? We can improve it. Energy costs too high? We’re here for you.
At eccotrol, we solve virtually any building system and comfort problem, regardless of the brand or version of your current automation or control system. We specialize in building owners who are unhappy with their existing control system. Click on our Integration page for more information.