Eccotrol has the experience and resources to provide controls for even the most complex new construction projects including lab spaces, clean rooms, museums and other demanding applications.  Retrofitting HVAC systems to accommodate existing buildings is considerably more challenging. Existing buildings were built to meet older codes and design requirements, which makes it difficult to meet current codes and standards. This affects energy efficiency, indoor air quality, indoor environmental quality, and other factors. However, there is a huge opportunity to increase energy efficiency in older facilities and eccotrol has the experience and resources to help.

Eccotrol can help identify which HVAC system components should be included in a retrofit and how to bring systems in existing buildings up to local code.  We can also tackle performance issues such as poor indoor air quality, energy inefficiency and longstanding comfort or reliability problems.  Retrofit of existing buildings is challenged both by identifying envelope issues and developing creative solutions to resolving those issues cost effectively while considering lifecycle cost analysis (LCCA) and return on investment.  It is our commitment to focus on the latest engineering practices that provide for a good investment in the future.

Retrofit system designs are more demanding, calculating, and generally take more engineering effort.  We spend time investigating the good and the bad of the existing system.  Only then can we determine which components can be reused and integrated into the new system.  With eccotrol’s extensive experience of integration to current and legacy proprietary systems, oftentimes we can reuse virtually all of the existing controllers, sensors and end devices while solving longstanding problems and providing an open source control system platform for the future.  And because we are certified in many brands of controls, we not only deliver the right solution for your facility, but we ensure that you will no longer be tied to one vendor for system expansions or service.

So whether you are constructing a new building, or improving an existing one, eccotrol can offer a solution that is right for your needs.