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Even our phone system is advanced and committed to great customer service. When you dial an extension, our phone system finds us. When we are in the office, the system will ring us at our desk. When we are out, the system automatically forwards your call to our mobile phones. When we can’t get to your call immediately, we are committed to calling you back as quickly as possible.

All our mobile phones are web enabled, so we can receive your emails anytime, anywhere.

Phone / Fax:

1-877-eccotrol (1-877-322-6876)


General mailbox





Mailing Address:

111 Buck Road, Suite 300-7
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006-1544

Satellite office located in Elizabethville, PA

Go ahead, give us a call. Send us an email. Give eccotrol the chance to show you how much better you will be when you have a partner who takes the time to understand your needs, has the products and expertise to improve your bottom line and delivers the service that you need to run your facility to its fullest potential.