Welcome to eccotrol

Eccotrol defines the future of controls and building automation, delivering the most advanced and flexible building systems available. Our unmatched integration options and energy efficiency expertise help to manage not only your building but your budget as well.

With a world of technology at our fingertips, what we are most proud of is our unwavering commitment to customer service.

Planning a renovation or expansion project?

Let us work with you and your design team to show you your full range of system options.

Stuck with your old control system? Not anymore. In the old days, control companies sold you a proprietary system then held you hostage by limiting your ability to expand your system to a single source. Knowing that you had no other options, these control companies would take advantage of your situation by overcharging you for parts, service and system expansions. When you received bad service, you had no options.

Eccotrol lets you break free from the chains of the old model. Regardless of the age or brand of your current system, we can offer you several options to upgrade your system to an open protocol platform. Then you’ll be free to add controllers, sensors and devices from any manufacturer to your system. In just a few short weeks, you can have a state-of-the-art system and reduce your maintenance costs.

Going that Extra Mile…

At eccotrol, we are experts in controls, building automation, integration and energy efficiency. But our customers demand more, so we developed an unmatched network of energy minded professionals and experts in their respective fields.

We’ll leverage our network of partners for your benefit. Whether it’s a mechanical retrofit, lighting upgrade, solar power, wind turbines, insulation or virtually any other energy efficiency measure, we have an experienced partner in our network that can do the project professionally and cost effectively.

We’re happy to share our network of partners with our customers. It’s another way that eccotrol goes the extra mile for great customer service.