Controls and Building Automation

Virtually every modern, commercial, institutional and industrial building depends on a building automation or control system to maintain occupant comfort. A properly applied control and automation system can not only keep your occupants happy, but prolong equipment life, reduce maintenance costs, increase reliability and reduce energy consumption. Eccotrol offers a wide array of solutions that exactly meet the needs of the diverse facilities of our customers.

Unparalleled Offerings

Traditional control companies sell just one brand of control systems. Good for them, bad for you. With only one manufacturer to choose from, they will try to force their solution on you whether or not its a good fit. Eccotrol takes a fresh approach. With training and expertise in many brands and lines of controls, we can find the hardware and software that exactly meets the needs of your facility. Critical application? We have the ultra high precision, high end solution you demand. Historical building need a control upgrade? Maybe our wireless offerings are right for you. Money tight? We have a solution to fit every budget.

The Brands You Know And More

Eccotrol sells, installs and services the most well respected brands of controls in the industry. Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Solidyne, Belimo, Tridium, Staefa, Siemens, Vaisala and more. But we know that not all the innovation in the industry comes from the big, traditional manufacturers. That’s why we are constantly seeking out new providers offering innovative solutions that allow us to deliver higher quality systems, offer better energy efficiency, offer increased flexibility and improve pricing. Once we have thoroughly tested a product to ensure it’s quality and reliability, we add it to our constantly growing list of product offerings.